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This is the online portion of BLS 2020. When you complete the online part and print the certificate, please call and set up a time for your hands on portion. All Skills check-off are in person and not virtual.


Call 832-472-2390 for Deer Park Check-off

Call 903-261-2199 for Longview Check-off

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  • Online portion of BLS blended learning that will prepare students for hands-on practice and testing of BLS skills
    • Updated to reflect new science in the 2020 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR & ECC
    • The learner has a choice of completing a pre-hospital or in hospital contextualized track.
    • Learners follow a continuously adapting learning path that is personalized by the learner’s own inputs: Their performance, and their self- reported confidence level related to each probe. The course content is presented in the form of self-directed learning content, probes and Cognitive Assessment Activities.
    • After completing the online portion, students will attend a structured, Instructor-led hands-on session that focuses on meaningful skills practice, debriefing, team scenarios, discussions of local protocols and skills testing.